At 54, Sean Goff refuses to grow up. He still travels around the world to skate new parks and take part in competitions, as he did as a pro in his twenties. But as he makes a road trip in Australia to prepare for an upcoming veteran contest, he struggles to recover from an injury that could potentially cripple him. Then the Coronavirus pandemic begins to shut down the world; he is faced with being trapped abroad, away from his family in the UK. For the first time, he questions whether it’s still worth doing what has made him happy all his life. But skateboarding has got him through tough times before, and he’s not giving up on it yet.


Behind The Scenes Documentary

I was good, I’m not good now, I’m ok, but for an over 50 skater I’m still good…..

In my early days I was competitive it was all about learning the latest tricks, now it’s all about holding on to the few I’ve got.

Back in the 80s I competed a lot. I was British champion, pretty sure it was twice.

Skateboarding was designed as a toy and I’m a 54 year old man who gets to travel around the world and play with my friends.

I will be travelling as long as I’m skateboarding and I’ll be skateboarding as long as I’m hobbling.

In the 70s skateboarding was massive, it was the YoYo, it was the Hula Hoop it was the new in toy for a kid to have.

The past is important, it’s what makes you the person you are today.

The best skater is the one with the biggest smile. And it’s that simple

What else do I do apart from skateboarding? Not a lot to be honest with you.


I am the same age as Sean.
I loved skating when I was growing up in the ’70s – amongst all the crazy tribes of that era it was the skateboarding gang that I wanted to belong to.
But I haven’t set foot on a board for over 20 years. Haven’t even considered it.
In the meantime, Sean has continued risking life and limb several times a week.
This is what makes this story so interesting to me – that if you really want to keep doing something you can always find a way.
It shows that my generation is refusing to get old in the same way as previous ones and I believe that’s what will make it resonate with people of all ages and all interests.